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This is our reception area, our customer service representatives play a vital role in the operations of the clinic. Everything revolves around their constant ability to make both pets and clients feel comfortable and welcome while the necessary arrangements are being made with the veterinarians.


Our doctor’s station allows animals in the treatment area to be visually monitored at all times. Every hospitalized patient is frequently checked on by our Doctors and Technicians. We have cages of various sizes to allow for comfort of the patients. Fluid pumps, oxygen outlets and comfortable bedding are always on hand. For larger dogs we have multiple runs that can be easily sanitized. We have incubators used for wildlife, exotic animals, and infant companion animals.


Lab Services

We perform many diagnostic procedures in our well-equipped laboratory. This sophisticated equipment is used to perform a number of diagnostic tests such as: CBC (complete blood count), Urinalysis/ERD (early renal disease) tests, fecal samples, and various chemistry panels.


We have special facilities available for animals that might be contagious. The isolation ward has it’s own ventilation system and is completely separate from the other animals. Precautions are always taken when entering and exiting the isolation ward to reduce the chance of spread of disease. There is also a glass window that allows for continued observation by the doctor.


Our radio-graph equipment is available to provide diagnostic imaging for patients in an emergency situation or for monitoring the process of an ongoing condition.

Our doctors have the capability to perform ultrasound imaging. It can be helpful in safely obtaining samples of urine, abdominal and thoracic fluids. It is often used to search for eternal masses that sometimes do not show up on an x-ray and is safer for assessing females during pregnancy.


Among the important equipment in this suite are the gas anesthetic machine, surgery lights, adjustable surgery table with heating support, electrocautery, light box to view radio-graphs, and pulse oximetry machine.


We have our own pharmacy that is stocked with most medications to make it convenient for clients to fill the necessary prescriptions needed to nurse their pets back to health.